Tennis news of the week (and more): Osaka's crying and leapfrogging record

Aug 24, 2021, 6:00:00 AM | by Florian Cadu

Tennis news of the week (and more): Osaka's crying and leapfrogging record
Naomi Osaka
We Are Tennis by BNP Paribas brings you the best of the past week, on and off the courts, day after day. A week that saw Naomi Osaka broke down in tears and a record jump was attempted.

Monday August 16th

A week of laughter to tears. If a South Korean can't hide his smile when he discovers a treasure of 80,000 euros under the second-hand refrigerator he has just bought, the mood is quite different for Naomi Osaka. In the middle of a press conference, the Japanese woman was interrupted by tears when asked about the Haiti disaster... and everything else. "Since I was young, there has been a lot of media interest around me and that is both because of my story and because of the way I play. But I'm a tennis player first and foremost, so people are interested in me and I can't do anything about the fact that what I say or do generates press coverage," she huffs. Naomi OsaKO.


Tuesday August 17th

Look out, the new James Bond movie is about to be released and it is possible to attend the preview in Monaco for the modest sum of... 2,000 euros. Meanwhile, Borna Ćorić announces his withdrawal for the US Open. A news that represents a mere trailer, because...


Wednesday 18 August

... Because after Ćorić, it is Dominic Thiem, the defending champion, who announces his withdrawal. On the other hand, Venus Williams, owner of a wild-card, and Gael Monfils, winner of his 500th match on the ATP circuit during the day, will be present. 


Thursday August 19th

Gael Monfils, episode 2. Still in Cincinnati, the Frenchman has a run-in with Andrey Rublev. The cause? The call from the physiotherapist and stomach aches, considered to be simulated. "For the last seven years, as soon as he starts to lose, something happens! For the last five years, you've seen the physio on the court the most times," the Russian complained. The Parisian's response: "It's not against you, I'm really sorry. You know what, I said I wanted to wait to take the break so I wouldn't bother you. Why are you causing a problem?" Alexander Zverev, meanwhile, broke his curse by claiming the first win of his career in Cincinnati after seven failed attempts. The German will be able to find his cruising rhythm and go as fast as this 44-year-old biker who was flashed at 257 km/h on a road limited to 90 in the Marne. A national record on a secondary road, which the player can at least try to match on serve.

Friday August 20th

Ćorić, Thiem... and now Rafael Nadal! Still with a left foot injury, the Spaniard brings his season to a close. What a way to console yourself with our animal friends, with whom it is now possible to mate on Tinder. An initiative launched by a shelter in Munich, to deal with the numerous abandonments. Can you find a Manacor bull on the app? 


Saturday August 21th

"I almost broke my hand, don't you care?" This (false) question, tinged with anger, was Daniil Medvedev's to the referee after he had collided with a camera located too close to the court in his opinion. It was the turning point in a match that had been dominated by the Russian until then, as it was from this moment on that Rublev began his comeback to qualify for the final. The final will also be attended by the surprising Jil Teichmann, who is in a state of meltdown in August. Benefiting from a wild-card, the Swiss player eliminated a number of big names in turn (Osaka, Belinda Bencic and Karolína Plíšková) to reach the final in Cincinnati. A feat at least as important as the one attempted in Wissembourg by two friends from Alsace who went hunting for the world record in leapfrogging. 2,000 in 24 hours, that's one leap every 3.6 seconds with 340 minutes of rest. Watch out for the cameras...

Sunday August 22th

There are many ways to spend a pleasant evening in a bar. Winning $5.5 million in damages after accusing a bar of serving too much alcohol and thus causing a personal brawl with a friend, like Daniel Rawls in Texas. Or celebrating a fabulous title in Cincinnati, like Alexander Zverev (despite a very, very hot semifinal against Stéfanos Tsitsipás) and Ashleigh Barty. Barty time!