Yannick NOAH

Yannick NOAH

aka Yan

Captain Happiness gives the impression that life always smiles upon him.

Not by happenstance, but because he decided that's how it would be. He spent his childhood in Cameroon, where he was discovered by his idol, Arthur Ashe. At age 11, young Yannick headed to Nice to train. He missed his family, but he persevered. That decision led to an incredible career, with ups and downs: a number three ranking in singles and number one in doubles ‒ his career best ‒ and the apogee, on 5 June 1983. That was the day Noah won at Roland-Garros against Wilander. The images are indelible: the Frenchman fell to his knees, jumped over the net and threw himself into his father's arms. He became the champion that all of France had been waiting for. A champion whose successor has yet to emerge. Noah also had a taste for partying and hanging out with friends. After tennis, he launched a career in music. And it was a success! In parallel, he took over France's Davis Cup team as captain. The result? After a 59-year drought, the French carried the day in 1991. Then came 1996 and, after a comeback no one expected, 2017. Three Davis Cup titles! But that's not all! In 1997, the French women's team won the first Fed Cup in its history under his guidance. Noah the magician. Hear, hear!

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Higher ranking


ATP Singles, 07/07/1986

grand slam


  • Roland-Garros (1): 1983



  • Davis Cup (1): 1982