Turin - Italie

2024-11-10 / 2024-11-18

  • Tournament type : ATP
  • Tennis court type : Hard

The Men’s Masters, or ATP Finals, has been the last tournament of the season since 1970. It features the eight best singles players during the year in progress. Since 1975 it has also fielded the eight best doubles teams. Play begins with a round robin format, then culminates in semifinals and finals. In 2008, the final shifted from a best-of-five to best-of-three set format. After the Grand Slam tournaments, the ATP Finals, which have gone by many other names (ATP Tour World Championships, Tennis Masters Cup) is the most coveted title. The following cities have hosted the event (in chronological order): Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, Boston, Melbourne, Stockholm, Houston, New York, Frankfurt, Hanover, Lisbon, Sydney, Shanghai, Houston and London since 2009. This wide-roaming event will next move to Turin in 2021. Most often played indoors, the ATP Finals event has been won six times by Roger Federer ‒ a record. All the greats have won it... except Rafael Nadal. It goes without saying that there have been many epic matches in this “Tournament of Masters”. One stand-out is the 2005 final in which David Nalbandian bested Roger Federer, when the Swiss player was serving for the match, resulting in the Argentine’s highest-profile win.

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