Carlos MOYA

aka Charly

With a game perfectly suited to clay ! 

Of course Carlos Moya earned the greatest victory of his career at Roland-Garros: his one and only Grand Slam title in 1998, a year after losing in the finals at the Australian Open, his other appearance in major final. Deemed a "pretty boy" at the time, despite the stiff competition and thanks to his good results on the tour, the Spaniard managed to reach the top of the world rankings in March 1999. It only lasted two weeks, but it was no mean feat given the competition on the tour, including Pete Sampras, who was still at the top of his game. A lefty in life, he played right-handed on the court (hmm...) with a reliably punishing forehand. Carlos Moya was part of the generation that was hemmed in by Sampras, Agassi, Kafelnikov and Safin, then frustrated by the arrival of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. In Marseille in 1999, Moya (ranked number 5 in the world at the time), was eliminated in the first round by a young Federer, who was just 17 and ranked 243. It happened again when he played a 16-year old Rafael Nadal. Proving there are no hard feelings, Carlos Moya is now his coach. A second career that is clearly a success!

Current project

Coach of Rafael Nadal







Higher ranking


ATP Singles, 15/03/1999

grand slam


  • Roland-Garros (1): 1998


  • Australian Open (1): 1997



  • Davis Cup (1): 2004


  • Davis Cup (1): 2003
  • Masters (1): 1998