Aga Radwanska would like to see the tennis season end at the end of the US Open.

Recently, while in China, Aga Radwanska made a comment that the tennis year should end at the end of the US Open. Hello? Is someone holding her against her will and forcing her to play? You don’t want to play, then don’t play but don’t make sweeping statements that sounds as if she is speaking for the majority.

Tennis has heard this all before, about players saying they don’t want to play after the US Open and that the season should end there. No one is stopping them from taking the time off but yet any of those who say a season should end early continue playing and Radwanska is just another one of them.

These players continue chasing the dosh, the money and try to keep their rankings at a certain level or better. 

If they are so tired then reassess priorities. No doubt their endorsement contract companies would have more than a bit to say about a player sitting back and not doing anything of meaning to showcase the products they are being paid big money to wear or use.

What these players forget is there are 1,000 other players out there who are prepared to play and want to after the US Open. That’s jobs for the other players and not only that, what happens to all the tournaments that follow the US Open?

And what do you think the players will do in the so-called “off period”? Yep, they will head straight to the exhibition circuit. Tennis has already seen that during the extended off-season; exhibitions such as the over-hyped and meaningless Indian tennis league has developed. That is not good for the sport.

Maybe Radwanska needs to look at how she sets out her schedule and spread things more evenly to keep herself fresh for the whole year. That might just be a starting point for her.