Recruit !

Your have been selected to face the Captain John McEnroe in LIVE this SUNDAY 28TH JUNE AT 7PM (London time) for a Final admission Interview on

If you pass this interview, you may win an all-inclusive journey to the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas quarterfinals (July 16-19th) to support the Great Britain team in London! Please keep in mind these dates if you were to be recruited by our Captain!

Here are some tips to master this interview: in less than 20 seconds, you will have to impress John McEnroe with your one-of-its-kind supporting spirit, to win one of the 80 tickets available to join the "We Are Tennis Fan Academy":

  1. - Be different: as for your motivation video, you will need to stand out proving your motivation and distinctive personnality

  2. - Equip yourself: wear a supporter's outfit with your national colors. It will testify of your deep commitment

  3. - Unleash your energy: shout, chant, dance… every fun and out-going move is welcomed

  4. - Stay fairplay: authors of inapropriate contents will be immediately banned from the contest

WARNING: Captain McEnroe enjoys out-going people. Try to convince him you're really worth it by showing your best attitude, deep commitment and bright side… and don't forget to have fun! :)

Key information for the LIVE:

  1. - The interview will start on Sunday June 28th at 7pm London time on Log in with your account and join the session.

  2. - To access to the Final Interview you will need to use a desktop computer with a camera, and an updated version of Chrome or Firefox browsers. If you are to use another browser, a tablet or a mobile phone, you will be able to attend to the LIVE but not take part in it. Don't hesitate to invite all your friends to join the website for them to support your candidacy like never before!

  3. - Votre ordre de passage sera déterminé par votre ordre d'arrivée sur le site par rapport aux autres candidats. Vous devez donc être ponctuel. N'hésitez pas à vous connecter à l'avance, entre 19h30 et 20h pour tenter d'être dans les premières places.  Nous ne pourrons garantir le passage de tous les candidats en cas de retard ou s'il y a trop de participants connectés avant vous.

  4. - Your interview is scheduled on the basis of your position in the waiting list. Wait for your turn in the queue and warm-up to challenge our Captain. Be on time when its your turn to be sure to enter the experience. If you miss your turn or if there are too many participants we can't guarantee that you will meet our Captain.

  5. - Once connected, the screen will display your position in the waiting list. Don't get too far off from your computer, everything can go really fast. Your position in the queue may vary from few places depending of the website's traffic. Don't panic if it happens, it's normal ;) 

  6. - As soon as you get 10 seats away from the interview in the waiting list, we advise that you get ready with all your supporting equipments. Captain McEnroe needs you to be ready on time to Support Tennis Like Never Before. 

  7. - When it's your turn, a pop-up message will appear on your screen, asking for a webcam authorization. Accept it quickly and the LIVE interview will launch by its own.

  8. - The interview starts: you have 20 seconds to convince John McEnroe that you can be part of a "Super Fan" crew. If you are too lazy, watch out, Captain McEnroe can evict you at any time! So go for it, we believe in you! 

If you have any question, don't mind to ask, the We Are Tennis Fan Academy staff will be happy to help you! 

The "We Are Tennis Fan Academy" staff