For this last ranking of this 2016 season, the time has come for a final evaluation. Who has been tennis’ great leader, on the courts but mainly outside ? Andy Murray, of course, is first in front of Nick Kyrgios, unmissable but on a different note, and

For this last ranking of this 2016 season, the time has come for a final evaluation, on the courts, but mainly outside. Andy Murray, of course, is first in front of Nick Kyrgios, unmissable but on a different note, and Angelique Kerber, the new leader of the WTA circuit.


1- Andy Murray 


A subject of her Majesty crowned new king of world tennis is coherent. He makes a very nice flag-bearer.



He’s now even on the frontline to promote the ATP circuit.



Pretty normal when you’ve been one of the stars of Rio…



…and that you’ve once again won your Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon…



…and with all of that, you manage to finish the year in front of Novak Djokovic at the ATP ranking.



2- Nick Kyrgios


On a very different note, Nick Kyrgios also deserves to be featuring in the first spots of our ranking. The Australian is the most charismatic player of the new generation, even if he admitted in a provocative interview that he « hated tennis » and that a visit to a psychiatrist was recommended to him to tame his mood swings. Still, a youngster being capable of hitting such shots must be a genius. And certainly a madman as well.





As a couple...




...or with a star at his side...




...Nick is currently the most colorful character on the circuit.


3- Angelique Kerber


Angelique Kerber is maybe not the most famous player of the WTA circuit but she is the new leader of women’s tennis. Yes, she’s not just an average german fan.



Remember her face. She’s so nice, she’ll even help you out.



We’re talking about a young woman who had the privilege of having her picture taken with Obama.



But mainly a player who has dominated the 2016 season with two Grand Slam tournaments won, including the US Open, and a world number 1 spot conquered through hard work.



Steffi Graf 2.0.


4- Novak Djokovic


Djoko being just left out of the podium is a good reflection of his season : deserving but difficult. The Serb started the season with a big smile, as he looked joyful, happy, calm in his couple, and having fun on the court.





However, the machine suddenly broke down during the summer, his domination being slowly replaced by Andy Murray’s. He tried meeting up with some of the greatest sportsmen…



…making pizzas again like when he was a child in Serbia…



…or tried to take his mind off things by trying a different sport but nothing worked out, and he ended up being overtaken.



Next stop : 2017 for the next episode of the adventures of the new duel at the top of world tennis : Djoko vs Andy.


5- Serena Williams


The 2016 season hasn’t all been terrible for Serena Williams : she still managed to win another major tournament. Which one ? There’s a clue in her hairstyle.



However, the American is not as dominant as she used to be, and she seems to be slowly walking away from the tennis world to enter the fashion world.



In this domain, she remains the most charismatic icon of today’s women’s tennis.



Hoping that she hasn’t completely forgotten to train during these last few weeks to overcome her injuries and come back on great form in 2017. For a last season ?



6- Roger Federer


Another veteran of the circuit has been through a rough 2016 season, which was stopped prematurely by numerous injuries : we’re talking about Roger Federer, of course. The Swiss hasn’t completely disappeared from the radars and has regularly updated his fans, like during his summer holidays spent at home, in the Alps.




He has already set his return date for next season, with one of the funniest videos of this end of season.



7- Stan Wawrinka


The mischievous Stan Wawrinka allowed himself a tasty pleasure to celebrate one of the numerous successes he’s had during this season.



He’s notably won another Grand Slam title, the US Open this time.



The Swiss also shook the circuit with his regular outspokenness. It’s Jean-Vincent Placé, a member of the French government, who was this time the victim of it during the Paris-Bercy BNP Paribas Masters, with this rant following a discussion in the stands which was deemed as too loud by the player.



Guaranteed buzz.


8- Rafael Nadal


More important than the quarrel between Wawrinka and Placé, there was a clash between Rafael Nadal and Roselyne Bachelot, the ex-French minister who has become a TV and radio host, and who directly accused the Spaniard of doping. A controversy which is yet to be completely resolved, as Nadal has decided to press charges against her.



If the king of clay’s season in the singles was once again complicated, he can console himself as he was involved in one of the most beautiful points of the season in the doubles.



Well, the one scored by the pair Kontinen/Peers at the BNP Paribas Masters didn’t look so bad either.



Nadal also rocked a new haircut. He cut his natural long hair which started to be thinning. 



It’s currently growing back, which is making him look a little funny.



In the football language, you call this hybrid grass.


9- Ana Ivanovic


THE couple of the year : Ana Ivanovic and the German world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger, quite simply.


If the player’s career has slowly been going downhill with disappointing results, she remains one of the invigorating sun rays of the circuit. And never mind if her heart is taken.



10- Caroline Wozniacki


The not-so-young anymore Caroline Wozniacki remains an unmissable figure of the women’s circuit, with promising results at the end of the season and a crazy photoshoot on the beach, as  a naiad on the beach, earlier this year.



There is something pretty funny about the Dane, as she doesn’t take herself too seriously.



A great friend, even with the turtles. Yes, the turtles.



11- Eugenie Bouchard


The most active figure of today’s women’s tennis on the social networks is Eugenie Bouchard, or « Genie » for her close friends. A very funny girl.



Her very numerous fans on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms can travel with her around the world, Baywatch style…

…or on a hotel’s balcony with a very daring angle.



As for the tennis courts and the sporting performances, it’s however another season to forget…


12- Fabio Fognini


On the men’s circuit, it’s Fabio Fognini who livens things up on the social networks, with funny pictures like this one.



Forming a dream couple with Flavia Pennetta.



Fognini, the friend we all wish we had.



13- Agnieszka Radwanska


The Pole also deserves to feature among this year’s Top 15. She’s one of the main sporting figures in her country, the female version of the Bayern Munich football player Robert Lewandowski.



She’s also and mainly the most spectacular player of the moment, with incredible winning shots, to be shown in all tennis schools. 





14- Dustin Brown


Speaking about hot shots, the most spectacular one of the season on the men’s circuit was scored by Dustin Brown, obviously, at the Bergamo Challenger tournament, in Italy.



The German, with his unmissable appearance, is a striking figure of the circuit. We could even say that he’s the most famous of the « small » players.



15- Maria Sharapova


Let’s end this ranking with Maria Sharapova, who hasn’t played since the start of the season, as she was banned following a case of doping.



Banned since last winter, the Russian nevertheless remains one of the most popular players of the circuit, and she should make her come-back during the 2017 season. Which should please her fans, including the youngest of them.



Could also have featured in this ranking:


Milos Raonic, the revelation of the season on the men’s circuit ; Lucas Pouille, the newcomer ; Marcus Willis, Wimbledon’s improbable hero ; Benoît Paire, the most tormented player of the circuit ; Grigor Dimitrov and his romance with Nicole Scherzinger ; Monica Puig, the very big surprise of the Olympic Games, Juan Martin Del Potro, the other hero of the Olympic Games and of the Argentine people after his victory in the BNP Paribas Davis Cup and many others…but there were only fifteen spots.


By Régis Delanöe