You know you’re an Andy Murray fan when…

Sep 14, 2016, 12:00:00 AM

Fededer ? Djokovic ? Nadal ? No, you’ve always cheered for Andy Murray. And never mind if he’s got less Grand Slam title than others. Andy is your last king of Scotland

Croatia-France ? Not a bad match, but the BNP Paris Davis Cup that you want to watch is Great-Britain - Argentina. You spend your holidays in Scotland, you complain a lot and you enjoy tennis which is also played with the brain. Normal, you’re an Andy Murray fan.


... with you, every conversation about tennis ends with « anyway, if there hadn’t been Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, Andy would have won 18 Grand Slams. »


... in football, you don’t like Messi, or Ronaldo. 


…you never smile at work, but deep down, you’re a nice guy.


…you put on SPF 50 suncream when spring comes. You’re never too careful when you’re as white as a sheet.


…you always listen to your mum’s advice.


…speaking of which, nobody really knows who your father his. He must not enjoy tennis.


…you found a hill close to your house to give it your name.



…you laugh at Ivan Lendl’s jokes.


…Sean Connery is your favorite James Bond. Logic, he’s from Edinburgh.


…you’ve managed to get your brother hired at your company.


…you’ll always choose a lob over an ace.


…you’ve won a club tournament alone, or almost.



…you wear a cap to hide your receding hairline.


…you loved Lleyton Hewitt’s « COMMON ».


…you’re a Rita Mitsouko fan.


…you’re independent, and almost a separatist. 


…when you buy your wife flowers, they’re always Flowers of Scotland.


…you believe in friendship between men and women. Especially with Amélie Mauresmo.


…you don’t even worry a single bit when Richard Gasquet leads by two sets to none. 


…to you, the greatest tennisman in history is the one who’s got two gold olympic medals.


…you went on an Erasmus year in Spain. Like Andy. 


…you don’t like butterflies.



…the day when the world will suffer of famine, they’ll cut off your calfs to feed a continent for a whole week.


…your mom likes you more than your brother and she’s not scared of telling everyone.


…you’ve worn Fred Perry polos for a long time. 


…you feel a bit under pressure when Wimbledon starts. 


…you’re not the strongest, but your the smartest by far. 


… you already forgot who Tim Henman was.


…and let’s not even mention Greg Rusedski. 


…you tell yourself that it won’t ever be the same without Kyle Edmund.


…you’ve been going out with the same girl for ten years and you have good taste. 


…even if, sometimes, she can’t control herself. Especially when Thomas Berdych is playing. 



…you favorite member of The Beatles ? Ringo, of course ! What a silly question ! 


…you’ve watched all of his finals against Novak Djokovic. Well, you don’t even remember how many. 


…you’ve watched Braveheart fifteen times. Because in the end, a Scot wins.


…you never insult people, you just signal you discontentment. 


…you speak English with a Glaswegian accent. 


…you’ve been waiting to become the head of department for five years, but there is a guy with a brush cut blocking your way. 


By Alexandre Pedro and Swann Borsellino