You know you’ve missed Nadal when...

Apr 20, 2016, 2:41:03 PM

You know you’ve missed Nadal when...
If Albert Costa, director of the Barcelona tournament which starts this week, said that his fellow countrymen « have always believed in him », it’s hard to fully believe him. Even you, the ultimate fan, had some doubts.

If Albert Costa, director of the Barcelona tournament which starts this week, said that his fellow countrymen « have always believed in him », it’s hard to fully believe him seeing how long the Spaniard’s bad patch lasted. Even you, the most loyal of his fans, your convictions had started to crumble. Which changed a few things in your everyday life.


…you started writing with your right hand again.


…you jumped when Bautista Agut was screaming « Vamos ».


…you didn’t have the time to go pee in between two serves anymore.


…your kitchen was a mess. The olive oil, vinegar and pepper weren’t correctly aligned. had put away your crop pants to your wife’s huge relief.


…you didn’t have any Spaniard to hate on, seeing that even Barça’s not what they used to be.


…you started feeling pity for Roger.


…you were watching videos of Brugera to kill time.


…the only thongs you admired were your girlfriend’s.


…you started calling your uncle Rob, Toni.


…you were already imagining David Ferrer winning Roland-Garros.


…you were wondering about the state of your baldness.


…you preferred watching Biathlon.


…you realized that all your white pairs of socks were clean.


…you posted a picture of Roselyne Bachelot on the wall against which you practice.


…and you boycott D8...


…you’ve offered your plasma and stem sells to heal his knee.


…now you copy him, you leave a set to your opponent at each match.


…you’ve cut your trousers at calf-length.


…and made tank tops out of t-shirts…


…you’ve offered your dad’s brother an Iberostar cap.


…you started idolizing the rare few who managed to defeat Djokovic.


…you were watching the highlights of his biggest conquests on YouTube, a tear in your eye.


…you were hoping he’d put away his racquet to concentrate on football. His licence has to be useful one day.


…you’ve put your left bicep through intense training sessions to replace et avenge your idol.


…you were ready to pay for his psychologist when he was down.


…every time Rafa lost against badly-ranked players, you’d tell yourself that tennis is not so good anyway…


…you started biting all the vases at your girlfriend’s house. Even the ones which contained flowers.


…every time someone asked you a question, you answered after lifting an eyebrow. Even when you were just asked the time.


…Wawrinka became your second favorite player. Yes, the one who beat Djoko at Roland. At home.


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