Since it's the end of the season, it's the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas which is in the spotlight of the last funny ranking of WeAreTennis Magazine this year. And in this case, the hero is Andy Murray.

As Djokovic or Federer before him, Andy Murray offered his country the prestigious last trophy of the season, the only collective one: the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas. Winner of his two singles and of the doubles with his brother, the Scot allowed the UK to be crowned for the first time since 1936! A major achievement that enables him to overtake for the last ranking of WAT this year, the loser of the weekend David Goffin and the stroller Maria Sharapova.


1- Andy Murray (+6).


He did it! Andy Murray won his two singles matches in Belgium and the doubles with his brother to give his country a historic first title since the interwar period!




Enough to receive the congratulations of his prime minister, David Cameron...



...And collapse after all these emotions in front of his mother Judy's eyes.



The entire Murray family was present, including Andy and Jamie's grandparents.



Congratulations champion, and congratulations also to the entire British team and its supporters.



2- David Goffin (NE).


This week of Davis Cup by BNP Paribas final, the Belgian number 1 did everything. He made the show...



...Unleashed the crowd...



...And passion to the highest level of the kingdom...



...Gave the first point to his team after being led 2 sets to 0...



...Struggled in the doubles...



...But ultimately couldn't prevent the UK to win the final of Davis Cup by BNP Paribas after his decisive defeat on Sunday against the untouchable Andy Murray. Hats off anyway.


3- Maria Sharapova (+6).


The Adventures of Maria, a new and final episode this year. This week, Maria was in Denmark where she has been cycling.



She also messed around although it was very cold and she regretted not to have dressed more warmly.



Fortunately she took shelter to eat at the best restaurant in the world for Thanksgiving.



And she even had a cooking class, which isn’t given to any customer. But Maria isn’t a client like everyone else.



We can’t wait for 2016!


4- Novak Djokovic (-3).


What's new for the undisputed master of the discipline? We found out that with his nearly perfect season, he hit the jackpot. In 2015, he pocketed $ 21.5 million in prize money. A record. Far from the 8.6 million of Federer and the 8.2 million of Murray.



We also realized that he had won everything or almost in his career now. The major trophies that he's still missing? Roland Garros, Olympic gold and Cincinnati. He can win the three from next year. Last info about him: he answered to a relative of one of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris who was a big fan of the player. In addition to a letter of condolence he sent an autographed ball and planned to offer one of his jerseys worn during Roland Garros to Sequedin's club, where the victim François-Xavier Prevost was playing.



5- Nick Kyrgios (NE).


The Australian bad boy is doing well. He showed his new haircut this week. At this point, we can almost say that it’s more a sculpture than a haircut



Otherwise, Nick is already working on the season 2016 with his compatriots.



We don’t know if he will be ready to win any tournament but what about the Tour de France?


6- Serena Williams (-2).


The sad info of the week in the world of tennis: Serena Williams lost her dog, the one that accompanied her almost since her debut on the WTA tour.



The American was sad, very sad. So we also feel sad for her, of course. RIP Jackie.



But the world number 1 has had the opportunity to dry her tears at a ceremony this weekend.



For the return of a smile on her face we will have to wait a little though.


7- Roger Federer (-5).


Here is the info of the week: Roger is expected to play at least two more seasons on the tour. Indeed, he told the organizers of the Stuttgart tournament that he would participate in the next two editions of the event. In 2017, the Swiss will celebrate his 36th birthday. Take that Highlander! Otherwise, the other info about him, is that he could be a little more polite. His illustrious compatriot Martina Hingis revealed that she would like to compete in the Olympic mixed doubles tournament in Rio next year with him. A request that has so far remained unanswered. Meanwhile this kind of news allowed to get out pretty awesome archive pictures...



8- Juan Martin Del Potro (NE).


The excellent news of the week: Juan Martin Del Potro is back in training! Proof :



That’s really cool. Come on, see you in 2016, JM !


9- David Ferrer (NE).


The other excellent news of the week, it’s David wedding with his girlfiend, Marta Tornel. An intimate wedding, far from the cameras. But there are always paparazzis!



In any case, the Spanish received – and retweeted – congratulations from his most loyal fans.



Ferrer is the sixth player in the Top 10 to have tied the knot after Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Wawrinka and Berdych. Only Nadal, Nishikori and the two French Gasquet and Tsonga remain bachelor.


10 - Fabio Fognini (-2).


What's that expression? If at age 30 you don't have a t-shirt to your likeness you have failed in life? Because in this case Fabio Fognini can be satisfied.



Aesthetically, we have some doubts but something for every taste isn't it?


11- Benoît Paire (-6).


News from Benoit Paire? The new French hype is doing well. He enjoyed a few days in New York with his girlfriend, the singer Shy'm.



Both make the... pair! Even when they are not together. Sorry for this bad joke but it's true, since the French wished a happy birthday to his love through his Instagram account by posting a rather cryptic message...



Otherwise his favorite pastime is still and forever food.



But it's already time to go back to training to prepare for next season. Courage Benny, and see you soon on the courts of Chennai, the first week of January.


12- Michaël Llodra (NE).


Another French but amongst their Belgian neighbours: the recently retired Michael Llodra decided to give a hand to the Red Devils by providing competitive experience. So he put on his red yellow and black sweat pants. And seemed to thoroughly enjoy this weekend.



Well, it still wasn't enough and Belgium ended up losing. End of mission for Llodra but not yet holiday time since he must now make the promotion of his autobiography.



13- Petra Kvitova (NE).


This time of year is obviously favourable for holiday pictures of tennis stars. Example with Petra Kvitova recent winner of the Fed Cup by BNP Paribas and who went to Dubai, one of the favourite destinations of athletes with a big bank account.



The Czech took the opportunity to invite her family to join her, including her dear mother that we salute.



Kvitova also enjoyed the kitsch decoration of the luxury hotel where she was staying.



14- Karolina Pliskova (-3).


Holiday pictures, part II, with Kvitova's compatriot, Karolina Pliskova, who killed the game of the funniest picture of the week.



Are there any volunteers to replace the parasol? We knew it!


15 -Tomas Berdych (-1).


Holiday pictures, last part. And another Czech ! Tomas Berdych took a good time in an unknown direction but that looks a lot like paradise.



Well paradise... provided that you choose the time to dive into the water! Beware of sharks…





Nadal, Wozniacki, Herbert, Brown, Azarenka, Bouchard


By Régis Delanöe