It is thanks to an unusual encounter with a strange bird that this tennis player took the top spot of the funny ranking of We Are Tennis this week. Who is it? Just click to discover.

The titleholder, Novak Djokovic, is so calm and collected that he attracts birds on the court at Wimbledon. Enough to win the top spot in our ranking for the first week of the Grand Slam in London, before a Stan Wawrinka in stripped mode and a glamorous Maria Sharapova. Like always.


1- Novak Djokovic (+9).


Playing for a third Wimbledon title - the second in a row - the World Number 1 has done the job during his matches of the first and second round, only disturbed by… a bird! An unusual encounter that was all over the news and social networks this week.




Otherwise, the Djoker seems to have digested his surprise defeat in the final of Roland Garros, probably inspired by the success of his compatriots in women's basketball, who were just crowned champions of Europe. A few days before, it was the under-20 who triumphed at the football World Cup. Each time, he congratulated the champions on Twitter. Serbia, a true land of sport and brotherhood.



Oh, and that dear Novak also took advantage of his visit to London to sing the praises of a healthy and gluten free diet.



He's definitely World Number 1 of marketing!


2- Stanislas Wawrinka (+2).


Stan, the king of hype, who would have thought a few months ago? After his shorts, it's his anatomy, fully exhibited for ESPN, which caused a stir.



The Swiss isn’t the only player to have laid bare in the past few days: Berdych too. To laugh? No, for a good cause: to raise funds for research against testicular cancer for British magazine Cosmopolitan. Feel free to compare!



Apart from that, everything's well for the Swiss - for the moment - in the Grand Slam tournament on grass.



It has however always been the hardest for him, his best performance being a quarterfinal last year...


3- Maria Sharapova (NE).


The Russian diva never disappears long of our rankings. Currently in London, she flits between tennis by day and restaurants by night.



A little jogging in the streets of the English capital...



And then of course, a hint of promo, which allowed her to pose with a hell of a car, not very discreet to say the least.



Maria, on top of glamour and seduction, as usual...



4- Nick Kyrgios (+11).


One of the youngest of the tour but already the king of trash talking, always ready to duke it out with the umpire. A breath of fresh air or excessive arrogance for a young man who still has a lot to prove? Choose your side.



One thing is sure, Kyrgios likes to be noticed... Including in the alleys of Wimbledon!



But those who are unanimously loved, it's the members of the impressive Yellow Army: the loud Australian fans who give voice to support Kyrgios and his compatriots. Wicked.



So the young Australian feels ten feet tall and succeeds great shots, like this extraordinary return of serve.



Otherwise, we now know what football team Nick Kyrgios supports in London: Tottenham Hotspurs, and here's a picture to prove it.



5- Milos Raonic (NE).


BOOM! The Canadian giant enters the top 3 of the fastest services at Wimbledon with a cannon shot recorded 145 mph against Tommy Haas. So Tommy, do you think that this Milos guy is more an angel or a devil?



With such arms, Raonic passed another round at Wimbledon, a 1st of July furthermore, which is Canada day.





6- Andy Murray (-5).


At Wimbledon, Murray is at home, but that didn't prevent him from getting loads of stick.



The famous English humour. But we’ve also been impressed by the level of play of the Scot, who intends to win a new title on the grass of Wimbledon.





7 - Dustin Brown (NE). 

He's got dreadlocks, piercing and tatoos of his father, and just defeated Rafael Nadal.


After his loss against Nick Kyrgios last year, the Spaniard falls again in the second round of Wimbledon (7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4). You have to admit that the German of Jamaican origin played the best game of his life to achieve this result. His weapons? Going up to the net (47 points out of 85 attempts) and a fire serve, with some second serves flashed at more than 125 mp/h. Just enjoy it in video:



Those who regularly follow the tennis circuit will be less surprised with the result, remembering that the serve-and-volley player had already beaten the Spaniard on grass. It was one year ago at Halle, and the score was even harsher (6-4, 6-1).


8- Gaël Monfils (NE).


When he's in a good day, the French is up there, far up there. He doesn't touch the ground.



The rest of the time he’s also capable of completely crazy shots. Stroke of luck or stroke of genius? See for yourself.



9- Timea Bacsinszky (NE).


Some news from Timea Bacsinszky. Everything seems to go well for one of the surprises of the fortnight at the French Open. The 26-year-old player confirmed this week at Wimbledon that we will have to count on her in the future and that it's not just on the ATP Tour that Swiss tennis is festive.




Two pictures showing that the little Swiss woman seems to be having fun right now and loves to share her good mood. A lot of love for you Timea.


10- Pete Sampras (NE).


Oh, hey, news of Pete Sampras! The American reminded us of fond memories with a lovely post in which he imagined communicating with his alter ego from his debut in the world of professional tennis, when he was 16.



He will soon celebrate his 44th birthday and is actually very touching, far from the cold and distant label that he was stuck with back in the days when he was the terror of the tour.


11- Kristina Mladenovic (+2).


"Kiki" Mladenovic is the best-performing French of the moment. The proof: She moved up to the 3rd round of the tournament, where she will have the honour to face Azarenka. Good luck!



She will be able to count on the unwavering support of her dear brother (that she surprised with a pitcher of ice water while he was quietly trying to take a nap… Wicked!)



... But also her best friend on the tour, Ana Ivanovic and her new boyfriend, the football world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger.



12- Jarkko Nieminen (NE).


Farewell to Wimbledon, episode one, with Jarkko Nieminen, eliminated with honours in the second round by the world number 1 Novak Djokovic, who left him the public's standing ovations at his exit.



Class. An emotional exit of the court, not without a discrete embrace to this dear grass. That same grass that offered the Finn one of his best performances in Grand Slam: a quarterfinal in 2006.


13- Lleyton Hewitt (NE).


Farewell to Wimbledon, episode two, with Lleyton Hewitt, eliminated in the first round by... Jarkko Nieminen. The veterans’ duel turned to the advantage of the Finns, and this despite the support of many Australian fans in the stands. And despite a few great shots of Hewitt, of course accompanied by his legendary "Come on!"



Hewitt still enjoyed a few beautiful tributes, including one from his famous compatriot Greg Norman.



14- Nicolas Mahut (-8).


The former co-record holder for the longest match in the tournament history (with John Isner) had quite logically been awarded an 11th wild card in a Grand Slam. A fair reward for the French, expert in grass.



An invitation that Mahut honoured by eliminating Krajinovik in four sets in the first round before losing against Berdych in the second. Well done anyway, Nico.


15- Jack Sock (NE).


Surprise winner of the doubles last year at Wimbledon with his friend Vasek Pospisil, the American seems to be motivated to defend this title. The two thieves are playing together, eating together... and sleeping together?



And even if the American has broken a finger, they still won their first match of the tournament against Groth and Stakhovsky.







Federer, Kerber, Serena Williams, Lisicki, Azarenka, Ivanovic, Wozniacki, Anderson


By Régis Delanoe