This week, one of the stars of the tour returned to the WAT ranking directly to the first place with an idea original to say the least. Discover which by reading the tennis journal.

This week, Roger Federer has put India at his feet in 140 characters. Somehow, you don’t always need backhands to hit a winner. Behind, Serena Williams had a mani-pedi, Nadal regains his sensations and Sharapova travels with the people.


1/ Roger Federer (NE).


Great news: the Swiss will replace Rafael Nadal at the International Tennis Premier League at the end of November. The concept? Four mixed teams will represent each of the host countries, namely India, Singapore, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. And to spice up his arrival, the Swiss has issued a challenge to his followers:



«I need some help from my supporters in India. I'm only in Delhi for a few days, so can't visit all amazing places that I'd like... Maybe you guys could help #PhotoshopRF? Show me where I should visit and I'll retweet the best pics!»


The result was stunning, funny and unexpected:






2/ Serena Williams (/).


This week, before starting a big Asian tour to finish the season, the American player has let down racquets and sneakers to take care of her body with her friend Caroline Wozniacki. First step: a mani-pedi.



Next step: bikini.


3/ Petra Kvitova (NE).


The Czech has just added a line to her resume with the Wuhan tournament after defeating the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard in the final (6-3, 6-4). Just after celebrating her victory in the semi-final against Svitolina, she took an ice bath to help recovery.



That must be tough.


4/ Kei Nishikori (+1).


There is no stopping the Japanese who won the Kuala Lumpur tournament against Julien Benneteau (7-6, 6-4). A nice little victory.



But after his Malaysian stay, the player mostly came back with many recipe ideas. During a an evening off, Kei settled in a sushi bar - the kind of food he loves – and let himself be guided by his appetite.





5/ Rafael Nadal (-2).


FINALLY! We saw the Spanish on a court. A rare thing since his defeat at Wimbledon and his wrist injury.



For his return, the Spaniard flew to Kazakhstan where he challenged Jo-Wilfried Tsonga during an exhibition match in Astana. In the end, the lefty defeated the French in three sets (6-7, 6-3, 6-4). A match for peanuts but that lifted his spirits, "There’s no more risk of relapse, so it’s time to come back in the game and speed up the pace. [...] My wrist still bothers me a little, but the pain subsides when I play." Rafa plans to really come back at the China Open.


6/ Andy Murray (/).


Even though he struggled for a while against Tommy Robredo (5-7, 7-6, 6-1), Andy Murray saved five match points in the final of the Shenzhen tournament and came out on top.



But let’s be honest, the celebration picture is very sad. And mostly lack of feminine presence. And to think that it's his first title since Wimbledon 2013...


7/ Ana Ivanovic (+1).


The Serb has arrived safely in China. How do we know? First, she posted a picture of the view from her hotel room. Half sunny and half polluted.



Then she went to visit the Great Wall of China.



She seemed to enjoy the view and location.


8/ Novak Djokovic (-1).


Even if the Djoker seems to be having a hard time regaining the peaks of the tennis world, he keeps travelling to pile up the miles. At Beijing airport, he was then fresh and ready to sign autographs for his welcoming committee.



Before arriving in China, Novak was photographed leaving his apartment, dressed to travel, to warn the world that he was going on an adventure.



A man that is worth millions of dollars and still wears a cotton tracksuit...


9/ Maria Sharapova (+3).


Maria goes up in the ranking with the best tweet of the week. While she was on a plane, the Russian player noticed that her seatmate was reading an article about her. What happened next is simple, effective and direct.



Like a great first ball.


10/ Eugenie Bouchard (/).


Defeated in the final by Kvitova in Wuhan, the Canadian may have paid for her intense efforts in training. Earlier in the week, the Canadian managed to perforate the medicine ball at her gym...



Not a problem, to break as quickly as possible her image of physical player, the blonde posed with a teddy bear after her defeat.



11/ Alizé Cornet (NE).


The French doesn't win matches often on the women's tour at the moment. So when she did in the first round of the Wuhan tournament, she shared it with a big smile...



And so do we.


12/ Caroline Wozniacki (-3).


Interesting week for the Dane. First, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the player forgot to take her check at the US Open. A 1.45 million dollars check: « I want to do well for myself and my sponsors...but I feel no pressure, because I don't play for the money. I have enough to eat, buy nice shoes. For me, it's about the tennis and the trophies. I'm not motivated by money ». Yes, right. Meanwhile, Serena Williams' best friend is already thinking about life after tennis. At the moment, she seems to be hesitating between the clothing business and the chocolate business, "During the US Open, Roger Federer put a Lindt chocolate in my locker and it was hard to wait for the end of the tournament to eat it. I think that I might open a chocolate factory." With the check from the US Open?


13/ Victoria Azarenka (/).


Injured since Wimbledon, the Belarusian tries to recover the best she can. Despite her physical problems, she keeps her legendary smile. This week, we've been treated to a duet with her dog.



It’s true, there’s definitely something here.


14/ Tomas Berdych (/).


The Czech has quickly recovered from his lost semi-final against France in the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas. Rather than dwelling on this elimination, the player preferred to make himself a beautiful watch. Like a pro.



A new life for him?


15/ Stanislas Wawrinka (/).


While Roger Federer is about to set India on fire, his best friend Stan went out with his compatriot Bastian Baker, former candidate of Dancing with the Stars.





Na Li, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Marin Cilic


By Mathieu Faure