Roger Federer’s calendar is up for sale now

Oct 22, 2013, 12:00:00 AM

Roger F., the break up, CarolineW., the break up... Discover in the tennis journal of the week why Rafael N. is safe ...

While the Swiss released his official 2014 calendar, the tennis world had a pretty bad week on the romance side. Caroline Wozniacki and Anna Kournikova are now singles. True story.


Paul Annacone talked about the break up


The news broke a few days ago in USA Today. Paul Annacone and Roger Federer, it's over. If the Swiss was the first to announce it, we were waiting for the coach’s explanations. They came last week: “Greatness doesn’t stop. It doesn’t just go away. He’s not all of a sudden now not that good anymore. The problem is that the expectations and the bar are so high. Whenever you start to doubt people like this, you kind of set yourself up to get your own foot stuck in your mouth. They’re atypical. They’re phenoms. As much as Roger still loves to play, the exuberance he still shows in every practice, his desire to continue to enjoy the game — I can’t imagine anything other than success coming his way. For me, it’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.” We also wonder when…


Federer, what else ?


Roger Federer is bankable. Latest brand to which he's been lending his image: Jura, a Swiss company manufacturing coffee makers. Who says muse says advertising. And here it is:



Federer at home


While in Basel, his stronghold, the Swiss took the opportunity to stretch his legs in the wild. And it seems obvious that the former world number one feels good there.



A man in twelve copies


Taylor Swift has released hers. One Direction too. Roger did the same and released his 2014 calendar. Pictures of the Swiss, photographed from every angle, for a beautiful 2014. The price? 24 euros. The funds raised will be donated exclusively to the Roger Federer Foundation. To make a gesture, it's here.


Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…

The Azarenka


We knew the ravings of Victoria Azarenka. And this is how you met her mother. There really is a family resemblance.



Djoko recharging his batteries


Victorious in Beijing and Shanghai, Novak Djokovic took a week off at home in Monaco. The opportunity for the Serbian to visit for the first time the beautiful hilltop village - bordering the Principality - of Roquebrune. Djoko took the opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant with a medieval decoration.



Nadal isn’t married yet


Yes, the cover of the Peruvian magazine "Cosas" on Nadal is daring. But it’s mostly what Rafa said that is interesting. Thus, we learn that the Spanish isn't planning (with his lifelong companion Maria Xisca Perello) to become a father immediately. At the same time, he has Grand Slams to win, funny chap.



Caroline Wozniacki is single


It was such a glamorous couple. Who? Caroline Wozniacki and golf star Rory McIlroy. Why was? Because the Danish just broke up with her ​​man and would be having a hard time after the separation. Indeed, McIlroy would have decided to focus 100% on golf from now on. On Twitter, the former world number one has been posting many pictures of them in their heyday. Sob.


Andy Murray, frogman


Seriously injured, Andy Murray doesn't drag his spleen at home. No, the Scots prefer to focus on his rehabilitation in a pool to tone his back. To do this, the recent winner of Wimbledon is training in a very sexy combination.



Maria Sharapova stretching


The sun is rising. The sky is blue. The view is mindblowing, and Maria Sharapova is waking up her muscles nicely. Yum, yum.



Bartoli on ice?


Since the French tennis player retired, the press hasn’t stop speculating about her future. This week, it's the French radio RMC that discussed Marion Bartoli’s future. The winner of Wimbledon said she was training for a sporting challenge, which will be broadcast on television. And according to the radio station, it would be for the French version of "Dancing on Ice" called "Ice Show". Well. Why not.


Ljubijic, a perceptive man


Ivan Ljubicic may have retired from the courts but Milos Raonic’s coach hasn’t lost his winning shots. Spectator of the Stockholm Open quarterfinals between Jerzy Janowicz and Ernests Gulbis, the Croatian wrote in 140 characters, while the match was one set all:



Boom. Ace.


Murray late but in order


Andy Murray was awarded the Order of the British Empire in midweek from Prince William. Quack: the winner of Wimbledon came wickedly late for the ceremony. The reason? An unannounced doping control, at his home, in the morning. The player posted it on Twitter. Of course, we forgive him.



By Mathieu Faure