Novak Djokovic soon to be married?

Sep 24, 2013, 12:00:00 AM

While Novak Djokovic questions the idea of getting married with Jelena, his long time girlfriend, Roger Federer vibrates at his football club and Carlos Moya makes furniture at Ikea. All is well.

While the Serbian questions the idea of getting married with Jelena, his long time girlfriend, Roger Federer vibrates at his football club and Carlos Moya makes furniture at Ikea. All is well.


Novak and a ring on it


In the Serbian's life, there's his dog and his wife. Well, especially his wife. Recently, the two lovebirds talked in the columns of Tennis Earth about a possible union:


"We've been together for eight years and we’re looking at the future together because we love each other so much. We provide each other an emotional stability and we are helping each others in our respective careers" said Djoko.


Same story for the sweet Jelena Ristic who even went as far to say the word "marriage", "Our mutual feelings guide us to this. When we will have children, they will inherit great genes on both sides, because my mother was a handball Olympic champion"


We look forward to the match against Federer girls.


The reinterpreted version of the Battle of the Sexes


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the China Open, Novak Djokovic will face Li Na on Friday 27th of September for an exhibition match. A remake, 40 years after, of the famous match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, gone down in history under the name of Battle of the sexes. For the record, it should be noted that in 1973, the American Bobby Riggs, former world number one and winner of three major tournaments, said that "no female player in activity could ever overcome a retired male player." A statement that Billie Jean King wasn't pleased to hear, her who was world number one at the time. So she decided to face him in a match held at the Houston Astrodome in front of 35,000 spectators. In the best of five sets, it was the lady who won (6/4, 6/3, 6/3). You can rest assure that the atmosphere will be much more casual for Novak and Li Na.



First school of life for Djoko


Very involved in humanitarian work with his foundation, Novak Djokovic has just opened the first "School of Life" in Kadina Luka, Serbia. The player seemed very moved at the inauguration:


"Today, we're starting to achieve our goal. To be able to offer to all children in Serbia a place where they can play, learn and have a good time together with their teachers and the parents who want to get involved ".


In the school, there will be 12 children from 3 to 5 years old. Novak Djokovic's foundation has invested 2.7 million Serbian dinars (236,000 euros) in the renovation and reconstruction of the classrooms. Nice gesture.


Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…


John Tomic never has enough


Last week, Thomas Drouet, who was Bernard Tomic's sparring partner until his tyrant of a father John Tomic assaulted him outside the Madrid Masters 1000, spoke to the Australian press about his life with the Tomics. He spoke about the shouting, punishments, stories of the father attacking his son, unpaid wages, Bernard’s big nights out and even air guns. A dive into the world of the insane Tomic family, which was obviously not to the taste of the father. Yet sentenced by the court of Madrid to eight months in prison for the aggression on the Franco-Monegasque, the father of the Australian tennis player decided to go back on what happened in the Sydney Morning Herald:


"I really regret not hitting him because I think he deserved it. I know my problems would be even greater now, but when I see how much he lied… [...] I never touched my son, my children. I'm a very proud father and my children love me."


His children maybe, but not his employees.


Wozniacki doesn’t respect her man


Between Caroline Wozniacki and the golfer Rory McIlroy, love is fusion and laughter is everywhere. Thus, when her man falls takes a nap on the bed, with an open mouth and apparent drooling, Caroline doesn't hesitate to capture the moment. The charisma of the golfer took a hit.



Carlos Moya’s new life


1998, Carlos Moya was on top of the world after his great victory on the clay of Roland Garros. 15 years later, the Spanish former world number one stored his racquets but it is still sought after by advertisers. And by Ikea in particular, for which Carlos has designed a piece of furniture: the Karlos Moyyä. True story.



In Lisicki's suitcases


When the vivacious Sabine Lisicki goes in a tournament at the other side of world, what are her luggage like? It’s simple, not many clothes, but a lot of racquets. The proof: before her great departure to Tokyo the player has posted a picture of her stuff.



The style of the week : Sloane Stephens


The American player is still young so we can forgive her bad taste in dress. It looks like a bad cheerleader pompom. And it's purple.



Youzhny and his son are cooking

When he doesn't destroy his opponents on the courts of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Youzhny takes Maxim, his three years old son, to cooking classes. And it seems obvious that the son is probably more talented than the father:


"I feel that it's easier to play tennis than to mould dumplings! All I did before was to put them in boiling water and wait until they were ready to eat. I'm scared because I'd never have the patience to do it myself. Honestly, I'm only going to the kitchen to eat."


Parity can wait.



Nadal and his OCD, it's getting worse


Bottles, t-shirts, racquets, hair, slip in the buttocks. In short, Rafael Nadal is filled with little superstitious gestures. It’s always the same between each point. That's his thing. During the U.S. Open, the Spaniard went even further since he took the same meal, at the same place during the whole fortnight: Chilean Sea bass with fried rice and noodles at the Tao restaurant in Midtown East, New York. You don't change a winning team.


What if Andy Murray was coached by his mother?


It's TennisWorldUSA that speculated it. At the U.S. Open, the British tennis player was stuck with Denis Istomin, now coached by his mother. Inevitably, as the mother now coaches a member of the Top 50, he was asked about a possible collaboration mother-son:


"Maybe towards the end of my career, it’s something that would be nice to do. I know that tactically she’s very good. My mom used to coach my brother and me until we were 11, 12 years old. "


Sharapova doesn’t waste time


Recently, the Russian has been making more noise on the Internet than on tennis courts. Absent in Tokyo because she hasn't recovered from an injury to the shoulder, the blonde took the opportunity to work on her physical health. And it's on the beach that the Russian did her last workout. And as Maria loves to share, she posted a picture of the session. Tough...



Sharapova doesn’t talk to others


Guest at the late show of the American journalist Larry King last week, Maria Sharapova explained the origin of her bad reputation on the women's tour. An image that she's not trying to fight, quite the contrary:


"I have no friends among the players and I don't want any. I mean, this sport is so individual, the competition is so fierce. It's hard for me to imagine myself being nice to people in the dressing rooms, making friends and the next day being on the court against the same person to try and beat her. I don't think it's healthy. So I avoid it."


Failing to be nice, Sharapova has at least the merit of being honest.


Azarenka against tobacco


We know that the Belarusian is very involved in responsible tennis. Thus, the player is going to shoot an advertisement to support and congratulate former smokers. One way to fight modern smoking.



Roger Federer like a kid


We know that Roger Federer is a big fan of his hometown football team, FC Basel. For the first day of the Champions League, the Swiss team achieved the feat of winning at Jose Mourinho's Chelsea (2-1). A feat that Roger has enjoyed to its fair value on Twitter.



By Mathieu Faure