We asked Yaroslava Shvedova to draw us the perfect player, she chose to draw the portrait of a man. And even chose the prettiest girlfriend...

When she's not on the WTA Tour, the Kazakh of Russian origin Yaroslava Shvedova admits watching more gentlemen's matches than those of her female colleagues. So, we asked the quarter finalist of Roland Garros 2012 to draw the portrait of the perfect player. Really perfect.



« Nadal without a doubt. I never had the opportunity to train against him, but I think that the ball must be almost impossible to return. No girl can have such a lift.»


« It might not be the best, but I have a preference for Federer's. It's very beautiful to see and he knows how to give it all kind of effects. His little backhand cut is a treat for the eyes.»


« Not easy. With us, there would be no discussion possible with Serena (Williams, ed). Amongst the men, I would say Raonic at the moment. » 


« The best all know how to do a great volley, but if I have to choose a specialist, I'll say Mika Llodra. We will miss him when he will end his career.»


« Even if he doesn’t have that much results this year, Federer is an example of concentration. He can always pull his 'poker face' and never show his emotions to the opponent. »


« There’s a match with Nadal, but Novak Djokovic is a perfect athlete. He's tough, strong, flexible. Impressive.» 


« Monfils is completely insane. With him, you never get bored. You never know what's going on in his ​​head. »

Look :

« The best look... I'll say Dmitry Tursunov because he's a very good friend and it will make him happy. »


« There are many players who have gorgeous girlfriends, it's not easy to choose. Let's say Stakhovsky's girlfriend. There must be a few jealous.»

Interview by Alexandre Pedro