The perfect player, according to Kevin Anderson

Aug 28, 2013, 8:10:53 AM

The perfect player, according to Kevin Anderson
We asked Kevin Anderson to describe us his perfect player. Best forehand, backhand, mental, fitness and even... girlfriend. Here are his answers.

Always in the second week of Grand Slams and after three finals this season, Kevin Anderson is having, at 27 years old, the best year of his career. More than ever, the South African rubs shoulders with the very best. With the U.S. Open starting soon, it was a great time to ask him to describe us the perfect player.




« It's too hard if I have to choose players from the past so I'm going to focus on current players. I'm going to have to cheat and say either Nadal or Federer. Nadal is just fantastic on a clay court. On the other hand, if you look at the way Federer plays the ball on a hard court, I think they both deserve a place up here.»




« Djokovic. He’s very strong on this side, he never falters. He's very compact, he uses it perfectly and it's always the key to his victories against Nadal. As for the one-hand backhand, I would say Gasquet. He does it wonderfully. It's his most powerful shot. Many of his victories, he owes them to it.»




« For pure service, John Isner. There's a light on him when he serves.»




« I can't say Pat Rafter because tennis has changed so much since he stopped playing. I like the way Federer goes to the net and the way the ball comes out of his racket when he's there.»


Drop Shot: 


« Federer again. They're never forced and he just accompanies them perfectly.»




« Nadal. I think that he's one of the greatest competitors within all sports. What he is able to do, the way he manages to always control everything, the way he plays every point, regardless of the score or what he’s done before. When things get crazy on the court, when it accelerates, this is what makes the difference. »




« Federer for his health. He seems to never have the slightest problem. He's in his 15th season in a row and it looks like if it was his first year on the tour. »




« Djokovic, especially on fast courts. It’s his biggest strength. »




« My wife, of course. And by far. »


Interview by Maxime Marchon