Her password, her home screen, her first Internet nickname, Maria Kirilenko tells all in the Internet interview of the MAG this week.

When she finishes a match, between the shower and the Press conference, the Russian Maria Kirilenko always does the same thing: she posts a tweet to share the good news to her 60 000 followers. We talked to the recent quarter-finalist of Roland Garros about her Internet habits…


You seem to be very active on Twitter. Do you manage your account?

Yes, it’s me. Who else would it be?


When did you start?

I started after the Australian Open. I did a shoot for Adidas and they asked me if I could tweet something. I told them I’ve never done it before. They showed me how and I followed their instructions.


Has it changed your relationship with your fans?

I feel closer to them now. They know more about me, about what happens in my daily life.


Do you read all the messages that you receive?

Of course, all of them.


Have you received any funny tweets that have stuck in your mind?

Marriage proposals. Many.


Do you tweet to communicate with other players?

Sometimes. We share pictures or comment on our respective status.


How many times a day do you go on the Internet?

I have Internet on my phone so I’m on it quite a lot. There are no hours really. I’m just on it all the time.


What’s your homepage?



What’s your home screen?

A picture of me and my boyfriend, Aleksandr Ovetchkine (Russian professional hockey player, Ed).


The last YouTube video you liked?

We have a TV show in Russia called X Factor. It just finished. And the winner of the show did mind-blowing imitations of Russian music stars during the weeks of the show. I’ve watched almost all of them on YouTube.


What was the last Facebook group you joined?

I’m not on Facebook. I have a page but I never go.


Do you Google your name often?



Have you written your own Wikipedia page?

No but I’ve read it. I sometimes go on it to check it’s accurate. So far, everything has been OK.


What was your first nickname on the Internet?



Is your password something complicated or something related to your life?

It is really complicated. (laughs) I’m not scared, I have nothing to hide, but I’ve been hacked before. I tried to reconnect but it was impossible. Somebody from the email provider contacted me to warn me of the hacking, and since then I’ve decided to pick a very difficult password. I don’t know what they did, but I’ve had no problems since.


Interview by Maxime Marchon