While the Russian is gracing the covers of fashion magazines, Caroline Wozniacki found a new job; David Ferrer has a promenade to his name in Spain and Serena Williams swim in her cash. Tough life.

While the Russian is gracing the covers of fashion magazines, Caroline Wozniacki found a new job; David Ferrer has a promenade to his name in Spain and Serena Williams swim in her cash. Tough life.


Maria, So Glam'...



Spring is coming and Maria starts to get her kit off. So, in this May’s Glamour, the Russian landed a full page spread. Where we found out what inspires her: “winning Roland-Garros was one of the most incredible days of my career. I fought so hard for that.”



...But also so sexy


After making the cover of Russian Glamour, here’s a bikini picture, looking over her shoulder. With a lot more besides, for free, on her Facebook page.



Maria barefoot


So, definitely not much tennis at the moment for the Russian, but many modelling assignments... Here’s the Russian taking off her high heels to enjoy being barefoot. A new trend?



Maria closing in on 500 victories


Recently risen back to 2nd place in the WTA rankings, the Russian is close to sealing her 500th career victory. For the moment, Sharapova’s record shows 491 victories for 118 defeats. If all goes according to plan, she should get her 500th at Roland-Garros. For comparison, Venus Williams has a win/loss record of 631-159, while Serena displays stats of 577-110. The road is still long…


The figure: 25,1 million


While Serena has just became the richest American woman in the history of tennis (see below), Sharapova shows career earnings of 25 million dollars. Which makes of her the third most bankable player according to Forbes. The second place being occupied by the other Williams sister, Venus, with 28 million.


The sweets have landed in the shops


Here they are, the Sugarpova sweets! Maria’s brand has just landed in American shops, and especially in Manhattan. The tennis player then showed off on Facebook with this presentation kit.



Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…


Cornet and the Polish method


What is Alize Cornet doing when she’s training in Poland? She watches her neighbours exchanging balls quietly. Except when the locals turn to the red stuff. The French player doesn’t forget to mention them on her Facebook page: “On training courts, the Polish grand-dads play their doubles with a bottle of red wine for the change of sides hahaha!!” Everyone has a little secret.



Following in David Ferrer’s footsteps…


Javea - its beaches, its nightclubs, its Burger King overlooking the sea, and its David Ferrer promenade. Yes, the Spaniard was born in this coastal town near Alicante and, to pay tribute to the local-boy-made-good, the mayor has decided to rename its boardwalk “Ferrer promenade”. Respect.




Raonic the glutton


Milos Raonic is a man-mountain. Not a big surprise then that he eats for four. Especially when he goes to the cinema. As a proof, the Canadian has eaten a giant bucket of popcorn before posting the picture on Twitter with the hashtag "#PopcornIsntJustForMovies".



The yellow bouquet


Welcome to Tansen, Nepal. What’s the relation to tennis? None. Oh yes, Narayan Timalsina, a 27 year-old local who’s beaten a record: he managed to hold 25 yellow balls in his right hand and this for one hour and thirty minutes to set a new world record. Well, it looks easy but you should know that the Narayan has been training for two years…



Tecau on time


Horia Tecau is not the most bankable Romanian tennis player on the tour. However, the doubles specialist has just signed a big sponsorship deal with BMW in Romania. To mark the occasion, the player took part in a very shiny photo shoot. Not so bad for the seventh-best doubles player in the world.



Wozniacki the caddy


We know Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy are crazy in love. To the point that the Dane, a former WTA world number two, decided to serve as caddy for her man, current PGA world number two. It was Rory who revealed this important information at a press conference, and you have to admit that the collaboration seems to be going quite well… Even if the swing doesn’t seem so confident yet…




The figure of the week:


Finally, Serena Williams is the American number one, regardless of gender. Yes, but number one of what? Of career prize money. After her victory in Charleston she overtook Pete Sampras by 24 000 dollars for a total of… wait for it… 43 304 272 dollars. BOOM.

Here’s the American top 5:

1. Serena Williams: $43,304,272

2. Pete Sampras: $43,280,489

3. Andre Agassi: $31,152,975

4. Venus Williams: $28,668,243

5. Lindsay Davenport: $22,166,338


Radwanska thinks she’s in the NBA


What do Agnieszka Radwanska and Mariusz Fyrstenberg do when they win a point playing in doubles? A chest jump. Like in the NBA. Standard.



The Bryans rock it


We know the talents of the Bryans in doubles. Probably the best American pair in history. And we had the chance to witness that the twins are also gifted for music, as they gave a concert for the players’ party in Houston.




The choice of the heart


It’s becoming a habit, that the tennis and footballing worlds are establishing closer ties. So, when the draw for the Champions League semi-finals was done, the Spanish and German players got excited on the social networks. The first to shoot was Rafael Nadal: “Interesting draws for the Champion's League! I wish good luck for the Spanish teams. Barça-Madrid would be a great final” Feliciano Lopez, for his part, tweeted: “Anticipated final in the semi: Madrid - Dortmund.” On the German side, Only Angelique Kerber clearly sent some love to her club: “So now against Barcelona! Bayern go!” We are looking forward to hearing Joey Barton’s take on Serena Williams during Roland-Garros...


PHM cheers up


In the French dictionary, next to the word "unlucky", you can find a picture of Paul-Henri Mathieu. But, despite his withdrawal in Monte-Carlo, the Frenchman tried to stay cheery and work off his frustration in training on clay courts. And hurt himself, physically speaking. For proof, this message he posted on his Twitter: “3h of training on clay: heavy legs...tired shoes… Unwashable socks..!”




Tipsarevic loves his drink


It has been a little while since the Serbian last made some noise on Twitter. Present in Monte-Carlo, the player asked himself a vital question: “Am I the only one to think that the tournament bottle looks like Vodka bottles?” Yes, you’re the only one…




By Mathieu Faure