Federer as Brazil’s number 10, news of Dinara Safina, Karlovic taken for Isner on a plane, Serena Williams at the Fashion Week; this tennis week has been hectic.   Roger Federer’s week Roger: fan of...

Federer as Brazil’s number 10, news of Dinara Safina, Karlovic taken for Isner on a plane, Serena Williams at the Fashion Week; this tennis week has been hectic.

  Roger Federer’s week

Roger: fan of football, volleyball and Brazil

  We knew Federer had a soft spot for the FC Basel football club from his hometown in Switzerland. While Roger is about to embark on an exhibition tour in South America, he played the lab rat for his sponsor and took the opportunity to wear the shirt of the Seleção. With his little hair band; sporting the “Socrates” look, the gentleman has good references. He even put on the Brazil volleyball team outfit. Hot stuff.    

Roger's new shirt

  As it's the end of the season, Nike is bringing out its new outfits for the upcoming year. For Roger Federer, the Australia-Roland Garros collection is rather simple; a beautiful grey for Melbourne, a white very "Wimbledon" to stroll out at Roland Garros. It is soft, not very funky, but that’s Roger - a very low-key guy.    

His fans have long memories

On Twitter, Roger Federer can rely on an army of fans. One of them somehow found a picture of the Swiss when he was a kid. With his beautiful blonde hair, his wooden racket and his not very confident forehand, we discover the beginnings of Roger Federer on a tennis court. "This is where it all began: the first signs of a champion in the making," ran the caption.    

Tuesday: Roger said yes to Shanghai

  "I always enjoyed playing in Shanghai. I love the city and I'm happy to see my fans." It is with this short statement that the Swiss confirmed his presence at the Shanghai Masters 1000 from the 7th-14th October. Indeed, the World No. 1 likes his crown and doesn't intend to lose it along the way. It’s true that Roger has very good memories there, especially the time when the city held the Masters title he won two times in three finals. He’ll be coming to win; the Swiss has the opportunity to add some ranking points ahead of the defence of the many points collected in late 2011 (titles in Basel and BNP Paribas Masters of London, Editor's note). At the end of the season, Federer must defend 3000 points against only 560 for his nearest rival, Novak Djokovic.

Friday: Roger hits the treadmill

  At 31 years old, it's hard to be in peak condition for ten months. But when you are number 1 in the world, resting is a luxury. Before the end of a marathon season, Federer takes the opportunity to heal his body. This week, he spent a lot of time at the gym and we have the pictorial evidence... With his own monogrammed bandana and T-shirt. Class.  

Roger remembers…

  Roger Federer won his first ATP points... 15 years ago. In late September 1997, Federer reached the semi-finals of the tournament of Bossonnens in Switzerland and collected twelve ATP points. He was 16 years old. This week, the Helvetian therefore celebrated his fifteenth anniversary on the professional tour.  

Roger clawed by Billie Jean King

  The former American player Billie Jean King, 68 years old, has little patience for the silence of the world No. 1 on the issue of equal prize money for men and women in tennis. She made it quite clear this week in USA Today columns. "This is a debate that men do not like and it’s not just a question of money. Should not be limited to the game on the field, but also think about the future that may one day have their daughters should they be faced with a similar situation. I refer especially to Federer who, despite having two daughters, he’s not purposeful. Although I do not think that his opinion is unfavourable, especially knowing Lynette (the mother) who is humanly fantastic and influence on the thinking of the son. I just think if you're the father of two girls, before you complain, you should think twice." Boom.     Meanwhile, in the rest of the world...  

The tweet: Karlovic, the great unknown

  6 feet 10, 230 lb… despite having the measurements of a NBA power forward, Ivo Karlovic decided to pursue a career racquet in hand. When not sending down booming serves, the Croatian is getting around the tour, and it’s difficult to go unnoticed when you're the tallest player in the history of tennis. Yes, but no. While he was quietly taking place in a plane, a fan heckled the player. Or almost. "A guy on the plane last night asked me: "The guy on the plane last night asked me: Are you John Isner? I said: No. He said: You look like him. I asked: Is that a compliment? He left..." Hardcore... https://twitter.com/ivokarlovic  

The picture: Raonic, no holds barred

  Milos Raonic is in Thailand for the Bangkok tournament, but not only that. Between two rounds, the rascal from Canada tried Thai boxing with his nice Lacoste shirt. Obviously, the picture was taken before the fight. Apparently after, Raonic looked a little more messed up... Ah yes, and shortly before, Milos also went for a ride on an elephant. Good life.      

The come back: Dinara Safina

  She was never the most beautiful Russian on the tour but she had talent, Dirana Safina, the sister of Marat, who has been missing for more than a year, taking care of her back. It is only recently that she is making a come-back in the press, flashing a little smile to promote her hometown, which would like to host the Universiade in 2019. With a little face like that, we would give her everything she wants... Yes, Dinara scares us.  

The pretty girl of the week

  The last time we saw Serena Williams, she was wearing a tasty red dress on the set of the David Letterman Show. Then, after a few hugs with her coach, and new lover, the Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou, on the sandy beaches of the French Riviera, the American took off for Milan, Italy, fort Fashion Week. And as Serena is a coquettish woman, she arrived at the Armani party with a rather strange, but very sexy, black outfit. Despite her very pronounced curve and her atypical body, Serena William has this little something that drives some men crazy...  

Ferrer and Monaco take the high road

  Kuala Lumpur: its restaurants, its 60% humidity, its mosquitoes as big as a tennis ball and its skyscrapers. It’s a little taste of the scenery used by David Ferrer and Juan Monaco to promote the tournament. The Spanish and the Argentine played a mini exhibition match on the roof of the Intermark Tower. The next time, they will try the Petronas Towers, which can be seen at the bottom. They're only 1,483 ft. high. Insignificant, almost.

The State anecdote

  Charlie Books is close to David Cameron. So far, nothing too crazy. Except that on the Tennis.com website, we learned that the friend of the British Prime Minister indulges in some court-time with the head of British Government. This gives us a few anecdotes. "One day I played a tennis match with David Cameron. I won the first set easily and he won the second. Then someone came to him and said: "Uh... M. Obama on is the phone for you, Prime Minister." He then said: "I think we have time to play a third set. Tell Mr.Obama that I will call him back." He obviously thought he was going to beat me but I won two sets to one!" Barack Obama will be glad to hear it…  

The video: Novak and his fans

  Novak Djokovic is a loved man. To be convinced of it, just have a look at the number of people who were waiting for the Serbian on his arrival at the airport in Taiwan... A welcoming committee that would have gone home happy as the world number two took time to hug everyone. http://youtu.be/tUIAde6LMmY By Mathieu Faure