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You know that you’re a Tommy Haas fan when…

You know that you’re a Tommy Haas fan when…

This year, and after having missed out on the two previous editions due to his eternal injuries, Tommy Haas is preparing for his fourteenth and last Roland-Garros. Even if you don’t often say it loud, his departure will sadden you. Because you do love Tommy. You’re a fan of his, and you know it, because…


 … you like long-lasting relationships.


… if nature didn’t make you very handsome, it’s because your hero took all the good genes.


 … your son will be named Thomas. Or Mario. Or both.


… you’ve understood that Germany is everything but a country of brutes.


… you’re always scared before your annual doctor’s appointment.


 … your mental strength has been forged in titanium.


… watching Wawrinka show off with his one-handed backhand makes you want to laugh. Respect your teacher, kiddo. 



… Boris Becker ? Your second dad.


… May, 13th, 2002, you knew that your protégé was the world number 2, but he had only fulfilled 70% of his potential.


 … you shatter dreams. Like Richard Gasquet’s in the first round of the US Open.




… or Roger Federer’s in the fourth round of the Australian Open.



…Or Roger Federer’s again, at the start of the 20th century.



… however, you believe that a boys band formed by your hero, Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov would have a bright future. 



…as for your fashion sense, you still live in the nineties.



 … You’re a huge fan of Beverly Hills, 90210. Enough with Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh, and welcome Jen Clark.


… iguanas are your friends.



… you love being called « completely rubbish ».



… in 2012, during your convalescence, you’ve watched Back to the future once again.


 … speaking of which, you’d love to go back to the Sydney Olympics to crush this damned Ievgueni Kafelnikov in the final.



… then jump forward to 2007 to make the whole BNP Paribas Davis Cup Russian team drink this latte macchiato which had poisoned you before your semi-final.


 … your favorite football player is Falcao, your favorite skier is Herman Maier and your number one boxer, George Foreman. 


… it annoys you to see the rise of the robot, Alexander Zverev.  


… each year, you’re ready to buy tickets for the BNP Paribas Indian Wells Open, to take a good look at the tournament director’s box.


… your champion is ranked 302nd at the ATP Race, but you remain convinced that he can still feature in second-week matches at Roland-Garros.


… you’ll soon put away your cap in the cupboard, but you’ll display it in a small velvet case.


By Antoine Donnarieix