Mar 22, 2019, 1:12:26 AM

The new facility for the Miami Open, a football, stadium is certainly impressive.

Has it ever crossed your mind about buying art like a Picasso or Miro or Warhol at a tennis tournament or playing professional tennis in a football stadium?  

Well it is the case and they are the different aspects at the “new” Miami Open which debuted its brand-new facility inside the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. Certainly, it feels strange not being at Key Biscayne after the event was hosted there for three decades, but it had out grown that site and one local individual blocked every attempt that was made to improve the venue.

Miami Dolphins owner and billionaire property owner Stephen Ross approached the tournament in an effort to keep it in the Miami area rather that see it go elsewhere. What he has bankrolled is definitely impressive.

“I had a picture in my head of what I wanted this to look like, the same way I do my real estate deals,” Mr. Ross said to the New York Times. “It’s all in the details. Little things matter. People notice, and they’re watching for those details.”

The venue is about 25 minutes north from downtown Miami on the interstate highway known as I-95 and it sits in an area of flat land. The Hard Rock Stadium is like a massive spaceship. For football it will seat about 65,000, for tennis the stadium court is 13,800, the same as in Key Biscayne. But this court, which is built in a horseshoe shape, features 4,738 premium seats with individual television screens. The price for some of these seats of which some are right on the court, range from $50,000 to $70,000 for the two-week tournament. with the seating built around in horseshoe shape. 

Parking for whoever attends, from players to fans, is on site right near the facility which is another indication as to how big it is. At Key Biscayne fans were often bussed in from remote parking areas.

There is even a yacht on display which maybe of interest to any of the wealthier patrons. That is moored right near the art gallery where these wonderful paintings and sculptures are up for sale. Come watch tennis, buy a Picasso. 

The grounds have been very tastefully landscaped and oh let’s not forget the helicopter landing pad that is also on the facility. Well known restaurants from the Miami area that have been frequented by players over the years have also been created on-site.

There are 29 courts including the two main show courts and because part of the stadium court takes in a section of the permanent football, the corporate suites have been awarded to the highest seeded players in the men’s and women’s singles as well as doubles, to use over two weeks.

Without doubt, apart from a few teething issues which can be expected being the first year, this new facility for the Miami Open has brought the tournament right back in contention with many of the other huge tournaments played around the world.