What happens when a reptile wants to get a look at a tennis match.

In tennis we have seen creatures great and small invade a tennis court. Birds are the most common, from sparrows to pigeons and at Wimbledon there is Rufus the hawk that helps scare them away. A dog has even made it onto an outside court or two at some remote challengers.

Many years ago in Miami when the city was belted by a hurricane during the Miami Open reptiles were discovered amongst the rubble when stands on a couple of outside courts collapsed during the storm.

But when an iguana decided to get its own view of a centre court match that involved player-tournament director Tommy Haas and Jiri Vesely, it was a bit of a spectacle.

With great apologies in their absence, to masterful playwright Tennessee Williams and brilliant director John Huston along with a stellar cast of Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborak Kerr, this is The Day of the Iguana.