Jul 3, 2016, 10:25:34 AM

Brits feel Andy Murray has Wimbledon sewn up because Novak Djokovic has lost.

In England the two weeks of Wimbledon creates an interest in tennis that is almost unparalleled and that is great for the sport. But, at the same time, the vast majority become armchair specialists and authorities and with that the locals believe the world revolves around Andy Murray. As fantastic a player as he is and as good a guy as he is, the shattering message to them and many peripheral Brit media, it does not.

As far as the locals are concerned Murray is the only player in the draw. Err, sorry my strawberries and cream eating, Pimm’s drinking friends, to break the news to you, but he isn’t.

The matter surfaced all over again and to a greater degree with the unscheduled exit of Novak Djokovic from Wimbledon. 

Sam Querrey was superb and played possibly the match of his life to score the upset and he made it clear it is the biggest win of his career. But with Djokovic gone the consideration is that it has given Murray a clear passage to a second title at the All England Club.

The two guys covering sport on BBC Breakfast TV the middle Sunday of Wimbledon were among those pushing the line. Seriously, if you are doing sport, know what you are talking about, just like someone commentating about politics would hopefully know what they are talking about, you know, Brexit et al. 

No doubt you know about football and tennis is a bit on the side but do try to understand the machinations of a drawsheet. By the way England are no longer in the Uefa Cup are they?

If Djokovic can be beaten so too can Murray and it could happen in the next round. Furthermore, even as Murray said, it makes no difference to him about Djokovic as the only time they could have met would have been in the final. They were on opposite halves of the draw. There is so much tennis to be played before then.

“(If) I was to reach the final, then it may have some bearing really, but it doesn't right now.  My draw's still exactly the same,” Murray said before he knew his next opponent. “The matches, in the next round especially, are tough. Nick (Kyrgios) and Feli (Lopez) are both very, very good grass court players.

“The bookies don't always get it right. They made a few mistakes over the last few weeks across a number of different things. You know, your job is to go out there and try to win the matches that are there in front of you. That's what I'll try and do.”

It’s not only the bookies, it’s more widespread. The way the majority seem to think, you might as well present the gold Challenge Cup to Murray now.

You can only look to the next match and play the next person; looking beyond that has too many variables. If Murray were to lose in the next round or two, what would these dufai be saying then?

If the Djokovic result has any bearing on a mega-name player then it is Roger Federer, they were seeded to meet in the semis, but even then, there is so much tennis to be played and as was clearly evident with the Djokovic-Querrey match any player can cause a stunning result or upset.

So, to those who think the Djokovic upset is Murray’s gain, then find another sport to cover. In fact even if Murray does win it is not because Djokovic lost early. So if you still feel that Novak’s demise has given Andy a clear passage to the title, take my subtle advice, support Wales in the Uefa Cup, they did better than England, or try tiddledywinks because you haven’t quite got the gist about a tennis drawsheet.