The frustration that continues to envelope Stade Roland Garros must be sorted out immediately

I am just wondering if the Parisiennes and the French lovers of sport are finding it embarrassing seeing what is happening at the French Open. Roland Garros being placed in a state of suspended animation. The French Tennis Federation is no doubt embarrassed by the situation and a nation that has so much pride in what they do and how they present themselves, should be as well.

The public should be floored by the pathetic foot dragging of the council and councillors which should have provided the green light many years ago for the redevelopment of Stade Roland Garros. These decision makers need to be ashamed of themselves for allowing one of the great sporting events in the world to be viewed in the manner it is … negative. These people belong in the third world.

Obviously nothing can be done about Mother Nature. If it is going to rain, it will rain but everything can be done to provide guests at the event, from players to fans, the best possible experience. The French Tennis Federation is doing all within its capability of doing that but their hands are tied from taking the next step because these small minded councillors are procrastinating about allowing the roof over Court Philippe Chatrier from happening, and happening NOW!

Enough of this dilly dallying. Get the matter solved now. What happened on 30th May, 2016 should never have happened. A total washout was thought to be a thing of the past but not at Roland Garros. It will continue to be the only major in the world where that remains a possibility.

This is not a joke to be had. The financial cost of a total washout is enormous. The goodwill and reputation of no play is immeasurable.

Maybe these people at the Conseil d’Etat don’t understand that and cannot fathom the enormous negativity their lack of attention to progress is creating. 

With the attention that has been generated it is also surprising that the President and Prime Minister are not more involved. This is not just another tournament, this is the French Open; it is a global event, one of the four most important, prestigious and biggest tournaments in the world. The state of affairs is damaging national pride.

These plans for a roof are nothing new they have been on the table for council approval for years and these narrow minded individuals can’t see the importance of the situation. They need to take their blinkers off.

Tournament Director Guy Forget was clear in what he had to say.

“The world is moving fast, and we have these ideas. We have talked about that roof in Paris 15 years ago already,” Forget said. “It's a long process. I have joked about it the other day, saying things were slow, a bit slow in France, but today (washout) I think is the day to just say, you know, Stop. 

“Everyone has to realize that people will take the decisions at a high level. Not only in the media when some of our politicians will say, No, we support the process and the future expansion and of the stadium. The people that actually are making the call, I mean, they are the ones who have to realize what it is and how big that tournament is and what it should be and what it can mean to the young people in our country.”

He went on to say for those in France still doubting the necessity to expand and modernize the stadium, the facts are right in front of their faces and there is proof that it's a necessity and has to be done now. However, from the sounds of it these so-called decision makers are immune to any understanding or realisation.

“We can't be like (this) for many years,” Forget said.