Oct 16, 2015, 5:24:11 PM

Nick Kyrgios continues to come in for an ear bashing. Greg Norman is the latest to sound off.

How much more are we going to hear about this celebrity or that sports identity make comment about Nick Kyrgios?

The whole business surrounding Kyrgios has become a broken record and it is time to get off the turntable. He made a mistake. He has been penalised and he is under a threat of suspension. Has not shied away from the punishment or criticised and he apologised for his lack of judgement. 

Right now it like people are baying for blood in that every time he walks on court or makes a move it is a case of “ooh is he going to get fined?”, “will he break the threshold that could result in a suspension”.

There was Australian swimming legend Dawn Fraser who made unnecessary remarks not that long ago and later had to apologise. She was rebellious and uncouth in her young days, so much so that she stole an official flag during the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. An offence that should have seen her thrown out of the Games.

The latest celebrity to get in on the act is Greg Norman who choked almost every time he was in a play-off to win a major. What on earth does Greg Norman know about Nick Kyrgios that he feels he can offer his comments? Zippo. None.

“I personally think it’s disgraceful. It sickens me when I see that, and somebody in America or somebody else says, well you Australians are all like that guy, I say no we’re not. It’s sad to see it,” Norman said to Australian TV network Channel 9.

“Slap him on the wrist really hard, hit him hard. Ban him, whatever. Oh absolutely, if I had the opportunity. From one sportsman to another one, absolutely. I seek the advice of great athletes before me, and I took that on board.”

The practice of having cracks at Kyrgios has pretty much become a sport itself. It is all so boring. He is being goaded which is also pathetic. 

The type of words offered by legends like Rod Laver would be heeded way more than the stupid remarks of someone like Norman. Laver explains points, offers encouragement.

Norman suggests that he would like to sit down with Kyrgios and pass on advice if he had the opportunity. Fat chance. One minute he wants to “hit” him where it hurts then next he wants to counsel him. Norman has no clue what he’d rather do.

It is time to get off the subject and move on. If Nick has a tantrum and breaks the $5,000 threshold then sobeit, it’s happened. If he does not, the community will keep on harping him and pushing him to snap. How utterly ridiculous.