Roger Federer's colourful clothing was a topic of conversation at the start of the French Open.

Roger Federer had a touchy moment after winning his opening match on the first day of the French Open but after getting over that slightly uncomfortable situation he spoke of the lighter topic that related to the rather bright clothing he had on. 

“I'm happy to talk about more fun things like this,” Federer said. “I would love that. Yeah, I like the outfit, No. 1. I think I went through a bright spell the first few months of the season. Obviously it's going to change when Wimbledon comes around because rules have become ridiculously strict over there, and I love Wimbledon, but they have gone too far now.”

Last year at the All England Club, Federer was made to change his shoes because the soles were red. Now that’s a no, no. Maybe the bigger point was that they clashed with the lush green grass

“No, no,” he said, it was apparently nothing to do with that moment. “Just like going forward, no colour anymore basically. So it's rough there. That's why let's enjoy the colour while we can. And then, you know, we will see what comes after that. Clearly you always want to make a statement in a nice city like here. 

“I think people enjoy it. I think it's powerful. We will see how many times I can wear it, you know. I hope seven matches, so we will see about that. And then the socks, about the ball girls and everything, why not? You know, change it up a little bit. You're talking about it, so that's a good thing. Yeah, it's good to try to be fashionable in a fashionable city like here in Paris.”

Now if Fed’s fluoro orange shorts needed to be viewed with some sunglasses, then what about the shorts Stan Wawrinka was wearing? In the city of haute couture you’d have to say they missed the mark. Sorry Stan!