ROGER FEDERER on his new baby twin boys have changed his routine: “Not much to be honest.  They sleep that much that I don't feel bad yet going out of the room and coming back.  It's almost the same situation, so things are fairly normal.  

“Clearly there is a bit more happening and there is a bit more you can do if you want to, but Mirka takes care of most of it. Of course, I hold them as much as I can, but I clearly also want to go out and about with the girls.  Routines are pretty much the same, really.”

DEFENDING CHAMPION RAFA NADAL on how he feels coming in Roland Garros: “During the clay court season I get a little bit better week by week.  Last week in Rome it was tough physically.  I played a lot of time, but in the end sometimes you need these things, no? And I think I played a little bit better during the whole tournament, and especially after the first two rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals, final.  I think I got a positive step for me, and happy the way that I finished in Madrid and Rome. 

“Not that happy about what I did in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, but that's the sport. We are here in Roland Garros, and just happy to be back in a place that give me so much.  It's a very special place for me, and just enjoying the first few days here.  Hopefully the weather will be better.”

JO WILFRIED TSONGA on if the pressure is off him for this Roland Garros: “Not really, because anyway, you know, I expect a lot from me, especially here.  I know it's always a lot of pressure, but I think now I have enough experience.  I played a few times Roland Garros.  I know how is it. I always play my best tennis here, so I hope I will continue on this way and play good tennis.”

STAN WAWRINKA on whether he looks at Roland Garros differently this year now he has won a major: “I look at this Open differently.  I had to adapt after Australia.  When I'm here now, I know that I can go far.  I have done that before.  So the way I look at it is quite different. Mentally speaking I have more confidence.  Mentally I know what it takes, what I have to do to be ready.  The way I start the tournament has not really changed.  You know, I'm not looking at the draw too much because I know how difficult it is to last two weeks and to play five set matches. 

“So many things can happen.  And there is also the conditions, the weather, and you have to be ready from the first match. Apart from the general aspect of the tournament, that is, I know I can have a good draw and go far and deep, but each match is a new challenge and you have to take them as they come.”

NOVAK DJOKOVIC on whether he feels any different at this year’s French Open having come so close in the past: “Last few years have been quite successful for me in Roland Garros, especially the last two where I played finals and semifinals and lost in both of the matches against Nadal, who has the best record on clay and best record here in Roland Garros, and obviously still No. 1 favorite to win the tournament this year.

“I have played some epic matches against him, especially the one last year in the semifinals.  We went the distance.  I think it was 10 8 in the fifth.  So even though it was a tough loss on me, I was putting a lot of emotional effort into winning this event last year, I still take the positives from that tournament.  Knowing that I have gotten closer and closer each year to the title gives me enough reason to be confident for the start of this year. I'm healthy and obviously very motivated and inspired to play my best tennis here.”

DEFENDING CHAMPION SERENA WILLIAMS on coming back as defending champion: “It's always good.  It feels good for me.  I don't remember the last time I was defending champ, so it feels really good that I'm here as defending champion. 

“I'm really excited.  Like I said, it's been a while, but I think I have had a really long, great career, hopefully.  It just feels really good to be at this point in my career and playing as defending champion.”

MARIA SHARAPOVA on what keeps her motivated to keep going having already achieved everything there is: “I want to achieve more and I want to win more Grand Slams and I want to get back to No. 1.  I think when you have that feeling of being there before and holding those trophies, they are so memorable and you work    spend so many hours training to have    to feel that excitement, to feel that energy, that adrenaline for those moments of match point victories.

“And that's why I play, because that's what I've known for my whole life.  And my body still allows me to do that.  I have done it since I was a very young girl.  I love the thrill of it.  I don't think there is anything else that would give me that much satisfaction in what I do.”

LI NA on how she feels when she comes back to Paris having won Roland Garros in 2011: “Of course it's good memory, you know.  Even after five or ten years you always cannot forget.  Even you saw your picture in the wall, you cannot forget always. Of course you cannot do exactly the same like 2011.  You know, every year is different. So you have to, how do you say, prepare for yourself to focus on the tournament.”