Mar 1, 2014, 7:01:37 AM


Tennis players are generally very giving of their time when it comes to causes and we see that with the foundations so many of them have. Federer has his for Southern Africa projects, Nadal has his which works in India, Serena’s has developed schools in Kenya and so on. 

At tournaments we have seen it so often in recent years where fund raisers have been held for people surviving natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. We all wish it was not necessary to have to do such things but sadly that is life.

Now the world is turning its attention to the troubles in Ukraine and the turmoil disrupting that nation. 

It is a small country but in recent years we in tennis have come to hear of it a lot more. After the lead made by French Open finalist Andrei Medvedev over a decade ago, the country has seen more players emerge around the world’s tennis stadiums and make a mark.

These players have been recognised for their skills on the court and have garnered the respect of their fellow players. One is a friend of mine, Alex Dolgopolov. 

The fighting and disruption in Ukraine where his family are is a tragedy. He is obviously being asked much about the situation there and it is not easy to talk about. 

At times like this the tennis community rallies around one of its own and Alex was able to put a short video together with the help of some other rather influential names from the world of tennis. The message is clear … allow peace to prevail.

This is that video.