Sep 20, 2013, 1:01:13 PM

SHOCK! IT's been discovered that men lie, but it's not about what you think. Clean out that wicked mind.

Men lie. You would never have thought so, would you, but hey they do. But, do you know what nine of ten men lie about? It is probably the last thing you would think they would lie about as a survey of 500 British men has shown. 

Well, give up? 

It’s football. Almost two thirds of men lie about their love of football and nine of ten over-exaggerated their love of sport.

But guess which sport they lie about the least in the top ten. Give up? It’s tennis. Only 2% of the men surveyed lie about their enthusiasm of tennis.

Formula One car racing is second behind football with 52% and cricket is third with 46% showing that they weren’t big cricket fans despite the fact that England beat Australia (pains me as an Australian to say that) in the prestigious Ashes series.

A spokesman from which held the survey, said: “It was a surprise that so many men lied about liking football. It makes me wonder whether it really is the nation’s favourite game?

“There must be a lot of men out there lying to look good with friends and enduring dull nights in order to be part of the group. With 9 in 10 male friends lying about the sports they like this survey could change what men talk about in the pub.”

The percentage of men who fake their love for a sport:
1. Football 61% 
2. Formula One 52% 
3. Cricket 46% 
4. Golf 34% 
5. Rugby 27% 
6. Boxing 17% 
7. Athletics 13% 
8. Horse racing 12% 
9. Snooker 6% 
10.Tennis 2%