Ahhh they say “money makes the world go round” and then we also had ABBA singing about “Money, Money, Money” and more recently Jesse J. Price has tried to make us believe “It’s not About the Money, Money, Money”. 

Certainly tennis players will have us believe it not about the money, money, money but about the … whatever else. Yeah right!

Well, let me tell you that six tennis players have made the latest Forbes list, the 2013 list, of the world’s richest athletes and tennis is behind only five other sports with the number of people in the top 100. Ahead of tennis are baseball with 27, basketball with 21, American football has 14 and football (soccer) has 13. After tennis comes golf but they had the No.1 spot with Tiger Woods on a total of $78.1 million.

Okay, so you want to know who the tennis players are, well here is the list and where they are ranked in the top 100, and it’s great that our sport has featured so highly. How perfect when a bank, BNP Paribas is the biggest sponsor in world tennis.

TOP 100     PLAYER                        TOTAL           WINNINGS    ENDORSEMENTS
RANK                                              MILLIONS      MILLIONS     MILLIONS

2           ROGER FEDERER               71.5               6.5               65

22          MARIA SHARAPOVA           29                  6                 23

28          NOVAK DJOKOVIC              26.9              12.9              14

30          RAFAEL NADAL                  26.4               5.4               21

68          SERENA WILLIAMS            20.5               8.5               12

85          LI NA                                  18.2               3.2               15

Add up the total earning of the tennis players, by the way these figures are based on earning in 2012, and it comes to $192.5million.

Now a breakdown of the nations in this list of 100, the USA is way ahead with 63, closest is England and Spain with four each, then Argentina and Venezuela with three each and then there is a whole list of nations with one or two athletes.


Well one thing I feel sure about is that none of the players will be trying to sue Forbes magazine like the Saudi prince who said Forbes got his wealth wrong. The publication said he was worth $20billion, the prince said it should have been $29billion.

It’s all about the cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching.