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The perfect player according to Lukasz Kubot

The perfect player according to Lukasz Kubot

Neither the most famous nor the most consistent tennis player, Lukasz Kubot, quarter finalist of the last Wimbledon and winner of the Australian Open in doubles, is nonetheless a tough opponent. Since he had the opportunity to play against the best, we asked the Pole to draw the portrait of the perfect player.




«Younes El Aynaoui and Juan Martin Del Potro. I love the effect that Juan gives to the ball. When it lands on the other side of the court, it has the effect of a bomb.»




«With two hands, I would say Yevgeny Kafelnikov. And with one hand, Albert Costa. Kafelnikov was one of my heroes when I was growing up, I loved his backhands, they were the best. He was taking the ball early, especially for returns of serve. At the moment, Novak Djokovic has almost the same.»




«Roger Federer. He’s the one who can give it the most variations so it is the most dangerous.»




«Pat Rafter in his time and Michael Llodra today. He's the aggressive player par excellence. He's also very good to vary between short and long volleys. He’s very talented.»




«Rafa Nadal. When he’s in trouble, he always knows how to get back on his feet and reverse the situation. Always give the best of himself, whatever happens.»




«Rafa Nadal again, even if Djokovic is as powerful. »




«Federer, for the variations he brings into his game. »




«Rafael Nadal and Djokovic have the best legwork, but if I had to give the fastest, it would be John Paul Fruttero. I played against him many times and he goes for every balls. Every single one.»


Drop Shot:


«The best drop shots are Janowicz’s. He might be new on the tour but he's the one who does it best. He manages to put the ball wherever he wants behind the net, even when he’s playing from the baseline.»




«I have the best girlfriend (Laughs) No jealous. »


Interview by Maxime Marchon